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Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

General Coordination and Policy Planning Department

General Affairs DivisionTEL 052-951-2683
Comprehensive coordination of duties related to affairs under Bureau jurisdiction, comprehensive coordination of departmental functions, personnel, and documents
Information Disclosure and Public Relations Office TEL 052-951-0535
Public relations related to affairs under Bureau jurisdiction, disclosure of information kept by the Bureau, protection of personal information held by the Bureau, and maintenance and management of Bureau information systems
Budget and Accounting Division TEL 052-951-0250
All accounting fields, mutual aid associations, personnel benefits and welfare, and internal management
Policy Planning and Research Division TEL 052-951-2723
Drafting of regional policy, formulation of comprehensive regional development plans, statistical surveys on administrative work under the Bureau's jurisdiction
Electricity and Gas Market Surveillance Office TEL 052-951-2623
Surveillance of electricity and gas transactions, etc.

Economic Policy Department

Economic Policy Division TEL 052-951-8457
Comprehensive coordination of departmental responsibility, promotion of economic structural reform, and duties related to finance and taxation systems
Competition Enhancement Office TEL 052-951-8457
Duties related to competition policies
Regional Human Resource Policy Office TEL 052-951-2731
Duties related to securing, training, and retaining regional human resources
Regional Development Office TEL 052-951-2716
Driving regional promotion policy, promoting investment in industries, and industrial water supply
Next Generation Industry Division TEL 052-951-0570
Supporting growth and increasing competitiveness in new and developing fields
Healthcare Industries Office TEL 052-951-0412
Strengthening the healthcare industry's competitiveness
Information Policy Office TEL 052-951-0570
Planning and formulation of regional information policy, and promotion of information industries
New Business Support Office TEL 052-951-2761
Promotion of the establishment of venture companies/SMEs and the creation of new business
Aerospace Industry Division TEL 052-951-0560
Promoting the aerospace industry and increasing its competitiveness
Industrial Technology Division TEL 052-951-2774
Driving policy related to promotion of technology, improving the technology of SME businesses, and adoption of industrial standards (JIS)
Intellectual Property Office TEL 052-951-2774
Promoting the creation, protection, and utilization of industrial property rights, such as patents
Office for Promotion of Industry-Academia-Government CooperationTEL 052-951-2774
Promoting cooperation between industry, government and academia
International Affairs Division TEL 052-951-4091
Planning and comprehensive coordination of international relations and businesses / Promoting international exchange (promotion of the Greater Nagoya Initiative)
Investment in the Regional Future Promotion Office TEL 052-951-2716
Promoting investment in the regional future

Industries Department

Industrial Promotion Division TEL 052-951-0520
Comprehensive coordination of affairs under departmental jurisdiction and duties related to Chambers of Commerce/bicycle racing
Alcohol Office TEL 052-951-2785
Duties related to alcohol industries
Financial Inspection Office for Small and Medium Enterprises TEL 052-951-2748
Duties related to SME finance inspection
Consumer Affairs Division TEL 052-951-2560
Improving the fairness of commodity futures, installment sales, and specified commercial transactions
Consumer Advice Office TEL 052-951-2836
Advice on consumer affairs
Product Safety Office TEL 052-951-0576
Promotion of product safety
Manufacturing Industries Division TEL 052-951-2724
Promotion of the machinery and basic industries and living-arts industries
Automobile-Related Industry Office TEL 052-951-2724
Increasing the competitiveness of automotive industries
Distribution and Service Industries Division TEL 052-951-0597
Promotion of logistics industries, and planning, drafting and implementation of policy related to services industries
Commerce Promotion Office TEL 052-951-0597
Promotion of small and medium retailers, and promotion of revitalization of city centers
Advisory Office for Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law TEL 052-951-0597
Offering advice and receiving complaints regarding the Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law
Small and Medium Enterprise Division TEL 052-951-2748
Planning, drafting and implementation of policy that provides the foundation for the growth and development of SME businesses
Fair Transaction Promotion Office TEL 052-951-2860
Duties related to the optimization of transactions and the ensuring of smooth consumption tax transfer for subcontracting SMEs
Business Support Division TEL 052-951-0521
Promotion of activities related to support of SME business management
SME Business Capabilities Enhancement Office TEL 052-951-0253
Support for the main business based on a business plan, improvement of business management capabilities utilizing the tax system, etc.

Natural Resources, Energy and Environment Department

Natural Resources, Energy and Environment Division TEL 052-951-2792
Comprehensive coordination of affairs under departmental jurisdiction, electric power supply-demand measures, promotion of heat supply business, and the introduction of cogeneration
Public Relations Office for Comprehensive Energy Policy Planning TEL 052-951-2792
Public relations concerning energy
Carbon Neutrality Promotion Office TEL 052-951-2566
Duties related to the achievement of carbon neutrality in 2050, promotion of the use of hydrogen energy, etc.
Environmental Protection and Recycling Division TEL 052-951-2768
Drafting and promotion of plans related to environmental measures and recycling, antipollution measures to protect the global environment
Energy Policy Division TEL 052-951-2775
Promotion of energy saving, promotion of introduction of new energy sources, and measures to prevent global warming
Electricity and Gas Industry Division TEL 052-951-2797
Electric power supply-demand measures, coordination of electricity industry operations, electricity supply-demand coordination and statistics research, and promotion of power supply areas
Gas Industry Office TEL 052-951-2820
Coordination of gas industries operations, and duties related to conditions of gas supply
Natural Resources and Fuel Divison TEL 052-951-2781
Duties related to sales of petroleum products and petroleum reserves / Establishment of mining rights, securing stable supplies of mineral resources, etc.

Hokuriku Branch of Electricity and Gas Industry

General Affairs Division TEL 076-432-5588
Comprehensive coordination of matters under branch office jurisdiction, personnel, archives, accounting, and release of information held by the branch office, and protection of data held by the branch office
Hokuriku Economic Planning and Research Office TEL 076-432-5590
Surveys on the regional economy, drafting of regional policy, and improvement and management of the information system at branch offices
Regional Economic and Industrial Division TEL 076-432-5518
DPlanning, drafting, promotion and support related to the regional economy and industry
Industrial Promotion Office TEL 076-432-5401
Supporting industrial revitalization and the creation of new businesses
Electricity and Gas Industry Division TEL 076-432-5589
Duties related to the electricity industry, gas industry, and heat supply industry / Operation of electricity supply-demand coordination and statistics analysis, and promotion of electricity supply areas
Public Relations Office TEL 076-432-5589
Duties related to public relations concerning energy
Electricity and Gas Market Surveillance Office TEL 076-432-5583
Duties related to audits and on-site inspections of electricity and gas utilities