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Chubu: Central Japan

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The Chubu region is located almost in the center of Japan. The industry of the region has a unique vibrancy: since ancient times, it has been home to the development of traditional industries such as textiles, ceramics, pottery, and Japanese paper, and in more modern times, it has been a backbone of the manufacturing industry, for example in the field of transportation machinery.
At the May 2016 G7 summit Japan 2016 held in Ise-Shima, Mie Prefecture, the Chubu region exhibited the cutting edge of Japanese manufacturing technology to the world with the demonstration of self-driving automobiles, and test-rides of the fuel-cell vehicle(FCV)“ MIRAI”
In November 2015, the first civilian airliner to be made in Japan in 53 years, the MRJ, took off from Nagoya Airport, and preparations for full production are steadily moving forward. Furthermore, the momentum created by the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen has led to a large increase in inbound tourism focused on the Chubu region’s large array of tourist attractions.
With the potential of establishing a giant international market through the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry is continuing to engage in a variety of international business activities, such as supporting business development overseas, in order to promote further growth in the Chubu region.
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Jurisdiction of the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Jurisdiction of the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Jurisdiction of the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Aichi Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture,
Mie Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture,
Ishikawa Prefecture
Electricity Jurisdiction

Electricity Jurisdiction

Includes Nagano Prefecture in its entirety,
and parts of Shizuoka Prefecture and Fukui Prefecture
Gas Jurisdiction

Gas Jurisdiction

Includes Parts of Shizuoka Prefecture

Outline of the Chubu Economy

While the Chubu region (Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Toyama and Ishikawa Prefectures) only represents approximately 10% of Japan’s area, population and GDP, it represents 20% of the country’s manufactured-products shipment value, and is home to a wide range of manufacturing industries, making a unique“ manufacturing zone” In Japan.
Chubu's Position in Japan
Proportion of Made-in Chubu Products by Industry to the Total Shipments in Japan by Industry