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Basic information


updated on March 18, 2019

Integrated molding of two thermoplastic resins and silicone!

Central Fine Tool Co., Ltd.

Project name R&D of a composite mold that enables high-cycle three-layer molding of thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resin
Target downstream fields Health care、Automobile、Aircraft、Environment、Other
Response to the needs of downstream companies High function (improved precision / performance)
High durability (improved heat resistance / corrosion resistance / abrasion resistance)
Optimization (improved productivity / work efficiency)
Reliability / safety (realization of highly reliable inspection technologies etc.)
Cost reduction (running cost reduction / loss elimination / labor saving)
Short delivery time (lead time reduction / process simplification)
Specific numerical values relating to the above needs Three molding processes and one assembly process are integrated into a single process through the integrated molding of three materials.
Project implementation period 2009~2010
Commercialization status Practical application completed (Completed but no sales results)
Target materials PC, ABS, elastomer, PA and other thermoplastic resins, and silicone

Project details

Project background
Against the present background of intensifying international competition in the world of manufacturing, there is a demand for resin parts which are low-cost composites with complex shapes which combine different materials. In particular, demand for the composition of thermoplastic resins and silicone resins, which each have different properties, is increasing. However, the manufacturing process for the composition of these materials is generally carried out separately, and the products are then inserted or assembled by hand. As a result, simplifying the manufacturing process while maintaining product stability is also a becoming major issue. The sights have therefore been set on the development of a molding system that will make it possible to mold two types of thermoplastic resin and silicone, which have contrasting thermal properties, in the same system.
Points of R&D
After molding two types of plastics (thermoplastic), carry out LIM of silicone (thermosetting). In order to conduct these three processes in the same system and shorten the molding cycle, set up curing stations to improve the molding cycle's efficiency.

Specific R&D results
An injection molding machine for three layers and a mold for three materials were developed, in five stations. These made possible a composite manufacturing system for three materials with contrasting thermal properties, i.e. two thermoplastic resins and a thermosetting resin (silicone), and the molding productivity for the three materials improved significantly compared to the case of conventional molding.

Anticipated fields / products etc. to which this technology may be applied in the future
Uses of silicone rubber include waterproofing, heat resistance, texture, shock absorption and chemical proofing. Applications are expected for all silicone and plastic composite parts which fit these purposes. For example, applications such as IT products like portable phones, connectors and key pads in the automobile industry and the field of home information appliances, and razors, dryers, audio etc. in the field of household appliances can be expected. In addition, applications to various parts in the medical field is also expected.

Work toward commercialization

Activities related to intellectual property and publicity Intellectual property: 2 patent applications, nos. 2010-166179 and 2010-140540
Promotional activities: Promotion of sales to existing customers, participation in various exhibitions. Exhibitions in 2013: INTERMOLD 2013, TECH Biz EXPO etc.

System of R&D

Organization managing the project Gifu Economic and Industrial Promotion Center
Certified business operators Central Fine Tool Co., Ltd.

Promotion comments

We achieved integrated molding of two types of thermoplastic resin with a thermosetting resin (silicone), while cutting in half the vulcanizing time of silicone, which up to now has suffered from low productivity. The technology can respond to needs for products requiring precise positional accuracy and adhesiveness, things that cannot be achieved using one material alone, and we do everything ourselves, from developing the molds to actually molding the plastics. With a history of developing prototype molds for the medical, food, home appliance and IT fields, using a five-station three-material molding machine (patent pending), we can solve problems for customers who want to tackle three-material molding but don't know how, customers facing difficulties in the medical, food, home appliance and IT fields.

Corporate information

Company name Central Fine Tool Co., Ltd.
(Corporate Number:2200001023721)
Address 2695-438 Azakanonji, Oi-cho, Ena-shi, Gifu-ken 509-7201, JAPAN
Phone number +81-573-26-5285
Number of employees 40(male  36,female  4)
Capital 50 million yen
Business category
Business content Design and manufacturing of engineering plastic molds
Production and manufacturing of plastic parts
URL http://www.cft.jp
Production facilities owned and specifications Eight machining centers, seven electric discharge machines, four wire-electrical discharge machines, six molding machines, other general-purpose machines etc.
Production base area Domestic location:Ena-shi, Gifu-ken
Overseas production response Not available
Main clients Companies related to automobile, home appliances and medical treatment
Department handling inquiries for this project Kazuhiko Miyake, Representative Director
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