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Basic information


updated on March 18, 2019

Developed long-life rolling dies made of superhigh hard material!


Project name Development of manufacturing technology for flat dies which enables precise thread rolling of high-hardness high-tension bolts
Target downstream fields Automobile、Aircraft、Industrial equipment
Response to the needs of downstream companies High function (improved precision / performance)
High durability (improved heat resistance / corrosion resistance / abrasion resistance)
Mass reduction (size / weight reduction)
Specific numerical values relating to the above needs Increases the service life by 50% compared to conventional rolling dies
Project implementation period 2008~2010
Commercialization status Commercialization completed (Already has sales results)
Target materials Bolts made of high-strength (high-tension) steel, stainless steel or titanium

Project details

Project background
Weight reduction of parts is in great demand due to the concern for the environment in the automobile industry and, as a part of that effort, there is a need for downsizing bolts, screws, etc., in downstream companies. As the requirement for downsizing is to reduce the diameter while retaining the joint strength, the bolts, screws, etc., must be made with high-strength.
Points of R&D
Following the higher strength of bolts, it has been sought that thread rolling dies be made of die materials with increased high-hardness and abrasion resistance. To meet these demands, thread rolling dies for high-hardness bolts were developed using "higher functional composite materials", a material with HRC67 hardness or higher and excellent abrasion resistance, as the die material.

Specific R&D results
- Enabled higher level of optimal processing condition and machining tools used for processing technology for high-hardness die material.
- Increased the processing precision and quality stability by optimizing the crushing unit for thread rolling dies.
- A durability of the thread rolling bolts was confirmed to exceed that of conventional dies during a durability evaluation by equipping the prototype thread rolling dies to actual equipments.

Anticipated fields / products etc. to which this technology may be applied in the future
The achievement of the development of these thread rolling dies not only contributes to cost and weight reduction of high-strength bolts in the automobile industry but is expected to realize longer service life, etc., of dies. Furthermore, a positive spillover effect is expected regarding high-strength bolts as it can be deployed to information appliance industries, robotics industries and the aircraft sector.

Work toward commercialization

Activities related to intellectual property and publicity No patents are filed as this R&D is based largely on know-hows.
Future outlook - Prototypes has been supplied to upstream companies (about three companies) and are currently undergoing performance evaluation and durability tests.
- Currently undergoing verification to check reproducibility and such through supplementary research in consideration of the remaining task of stabilizing the quality.
- Currently working to establish sales structure toward a full scale launch based on favorable feedback received from a number of downstream companies.

System of R&D

Organization managing the project Gifu Economic and Industrial Promotion Center
Certified business operators OKAMOTO Co., Ltd.

Promotion comments

OKAMOTO was established in 1560 when there were so much struggles among landlords in Japan. Many heroes at that time had the ambitions for the future, and exactly the same period, our ancestor started the foundry business here in Gifu, which is still the base of our business. After that, for over five centuries, we have been working for new technology and perspective on casting being required from the society. We are confident that our experience, technique and expertise cultivated during those days are unmatched by the rest of rival companies. At present, we are making more sophisticated products with casting materials completely from designing to assembling, and taking use of our sales networks in Japan and overseas, it is being contributed to the various kinds of end-users.

Corporate information

Company name OKAMOTO Co., Ltd.
(Corporate Number:7200001008552)
Address 5 Nawate-machi, Gifu-shi, Gifu-ken 500-0743, JAPAN
Phone number +81-58-271-7251
Number of employees 102(male  88,female  14)
Capital 98 million yen
Business category Textile industry、Chemical industry、Nonferrous metal manufacturing、Metal products manufacturing industry、general-purpose machinery manufacturing industry、Production of manufacturing machines and appliances、Commercial machinery and appliances manufacturing industry、Electronic parts, devices, electronic circuits manufacturing industry、Electric machinery and appliances manufacturing industry、Transportation machinery and appliances manufacturing industry、Other manufacturing industry、Other industry
Business content Production and distribution of cast iron products (Main products: various industrial casting products including public materials such as molded fittings for water works and metal manhole covers, automobile related molded parts, higher functional composite materials with unique abrasion resistance, oilless guide parts etc.)
URL http://www.nbk-okamoto.co.jp
Production facilities owned and specifications Fusion equipment, molding equipment, sand processing equipment, machining equipment, inspection equipment
Production base area Domestic location:5 Nawate-machi, Gifu-shi, Gifu-ken, 500-8743
Overseas production response Not available
Main clients KUBOTA Corporation, NGK INSULATORS, LTD., Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., TOHO GAS Co., LTD., public offices, etc.
Department handling inquiries for this project Sokeizai business department
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