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Basic information


updated on March 18, 2019

Development of an integrated molding system for light-weight, high performance electromagnetic shielding materials!

Tsuchiya TSCO Co., Ltd.

Project name Development of a high-order patterned textile for electromagnetic wave control
Target downstream fields Automobile、Aircraft、Housing / Infrastructure
Response to the needs of downstream companies High function (improved precision / performance)
Mass reduction (size / weight reduction)
Cost reduction (running cost reduction / loss elimination / labor saving)
Specific numerical values relating to the above needs Shielding effect of 40 dB or more at 100kHz to 1GHz
50% weight reduction by integrated molding technology
Project implementation period 2010~2012
Commercialization status Undergoing supplementary research (Project undergoing research toward completion)
Target materials Fiber (insulation, conduction), thermoplastic resin

Project details

Project background
In response to the spread of hybrid and electrical vehicles driven by high-capacity motors and the increase in the variety of sensors to meet safety and usability requirements, there is a, increasingly strong demand for the development of shielding technology which will prevent the emission of electromagnetic waves within and outside vehicles. There is also strong demand for reduced weight, a factor which directly affects improvements to fuel efficiency, and an increasing need for shielding materials that are lighter and less expensive but still have high shielding capabilities. Using our core fiber and processing technologies, our goal was to create a light-weight electromagnetic shielding material with good workability as an alternative to metal parts.
Points of R&D
As opposed to the metal materials that are usually used for shielding, use as base materials extremely light-weight woven and non-woven textiles with high durability against a variety of processes, and develop an electromagnetic shielding material that will intercept a broad range of electromagnetic waves by covering materials entirely with a thin metal layer. In order to meet a wide range of needs, create frequency-selective electromagnetic shielding materials that will only intercept certain selected frequencies, by applying periodic structures unique to textiles and pattern forming technology which uses electroconductive yarn.
Specific R&D results
Metal combinations with good effects with regard to electromagnetic wave control were investigated, and processing technologies that would enable complete and uniform coating of the woven and non-woven textiles were studied. Extremely light electromagnetic shielding woven and non-woven textiles with high levels of shielding effects were successfully developed. In addition, through further research into technology for measuring the shielding effects of materials and products, higher effects in the 500 kHz zone, a bandwidth in high demand in the automobile industry, were confirmed in comparison to conventional metal mesh materials. Furthermore, an electromagnetic wave control product that will only intercept certain frequencies was developed using weaving and knitting technologies to arrange systematically fibers with differing electrical characteristics.
Anticipated fields / products etc. to which this technology may be applied in the future
The textiles can be used in an electromagnetic radiation prevention technologies for electric / electronic parts in any kind of automobile, including electric and hybrid vehicles. The light-weight, flexible features of the materials make it possible to use them as materials that will suppress the transmission of electromagnetic waves which accompanies switching from metal to resin casings, and as materials for interior parts that will suppress the emission of electromagnetic radiation within and outside the vehicle. Besides automobiles, the textiles can also be used in the fields of medicine and housing as electromagnetic wave control technologies that can shield or absorb electromagnetic waves (curtains, partitions, wall paper etc.).

Work toward commercialization

Activities related to intellectual property and publicity One patent application related to the integrated molding system
Exhibition at TECH Biz EXPO 2013 and TAMA Collaboration Square, scheduled to exhibit and make a presentation at TECH Biz EXPO
Various other exhibitions and promotional activities independently held at our clients'
Future outlook The demand for hybrid vehicles started to grow particularly fast just as we were starting up the development project, and issues have arisen for example regarding shortcomings resulting from electromagnetic waves (measures against which were falling behind) and ways to reduce the weight, size etc. of parts for which metals had been used as safety measures. From presentation activities given to downstream manufacturers, it became clear to us that there was extremely high demand for high performance, light-weight materials like the ones we had developed, and for electromagnetic wave control technology for specific frequencies. As a result of establishing a technology to turn our newly-developed textiles into usable products, this demand can be expected to grow rapidly.
Level of achievement based on the original goal, and new challenges A wide range of materials and processing technologies were compared and examined and in depth research was conducted into measuring techniques, and since new electromagnetic shielding materials with the shielding effects set in the initial goals and other characteristics besides have been developed, the initial objective is considered to have been successfully accomplished. Nevertheless, many issues remain with regard to technology for manufacturing parts with a level of durability adequate for use as exterior automobile parts, with regard to evaluations which will indicate electromagnetic wave control patterns that will be effective for given frequencies, and with regard to the development of technology suitable for weaving and knitting, and these issues mean we will need to undertake further R&D in order to be able to commercialize the products.

System of R&D

Organization managing the project Aichi Science and Technology Foundation
Certified business operators Tsuchiya TSCO Co., Ltd., Tsuchiya Co., Ltd.
Institutions conducting the research Chubu University, Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology, Tsuchiya Co., Ltd.

Promotion comments

The Supporting Industry Program helped us use our core technology to pioneer and open up a market for a technology that is completely different from our conventional products. Undertaking development with an outlook which encompassed everything from fundamental research up to commercialization enabled us to make electromagnetic shield textile products one of our company's main pillars. The technology enhances quality by adding new materials and processing techniques to conventional textile materials, reducing weight compared to conventional metal housings and metal meshes, and achieving high shielding effects against a broad range of electromagnetic waves, from low to high frequencies. By gathering information about consumers' needs at exhibitions, we have come to understand that we can anticipate a large market for integral molding electromagnetic shielding that incorporates electromagnetic shielding materials, and so we would like to develop a wide range of applications through joint development with our customers. R&D for the "frequency-selective electromagnetic wave control product" which will use textiles' characteristic property of allowing fibers to be arranged in a certain pattern has progressed in parallel with R&D for the textile materials. We will work toward establishing this technology and aim to create a group of electromagnetic shielding / control textile products with further features.

Corporate information

Company name Tsuchiya TSCO Co., Ltd.
(Corporate Number:2180301014803)
Address 43-1 Ura Jinkiri, Ushita-cho, Chiryu-shi, Aichi-ken 472-0007, JAPAN
Phone number +81-566-82-0831
Number of employees 224(male  136,female  88)
Capital 125 million yen
Business category Textile industry
Business content Manufacturing: Industrial textile products, extrusion products
URL http://www.tsuchiya-group.co.jp/tsco
Production facilities owned and specifications Pile weaving machine, air jet loom, flat knitting machine, small press machine, extrusion molding machine, emulsion coater
Production base area Domestic location:Domestic location: Chiryu-shi, Aichi-ken (headquarters), Mitake-cho, Gifu-ken
Overseas location:Overseas location: Vietnam
Overseas production response available  Available areas:available Available areas: Vietnam
Main clients Ricoh, Canon, LIXIL, YKK ap, other
Department handling inquiries for this project 1st Development & Engineering Dept.
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