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Basic information


updated on March 18, 2019

Achieved self-photographing of ocular fundus!!

Lion Power Co., Ltd.

Project name Development of portable ocular fundus examination device for early detection of fatal diseases like heart attack or stroke
Target downstream fields Health care
Response to the needs of downstream companies Other(self-imaging)
Specific numerical values relating to the above needs Perform ophthalmography at home in 10 seconds.
Project implementation period 2011~2013
Commercialization status Undergoing supplementary research (Project undergoing research toward completion)
Target materials None

Project details

Project background
An examination of the ocular fundus can detect the following diseases early and lead to prevention.
- For people who have retinal arteriolar constriction, the risk of developing high blood pressure is 1.6 times higher than for people who do not.
- For people who have retinal bleeding, the risk of dying from heart disease within 10 years is double the normal risk.
- For those who have age-related maculopathy, depending on the severity of their condition the risk of stroke within 5 years can be double the normal risk.
By monitoring images of the ocular fundus properly, progression of lifestyle-related diseases can be traced accurately. This can be expected to play a big role in appropriate prevention and management of disease. However, since there has been no equipment for patients to take ocular fundus photos easily at home, there has hitherto been no culture of disease prevention.
Points of R&D
Conventionally, ophthalmography has been something of a specialist technique exclusively performed by hospital ophthalmologists. In recent years however, the effectiveness of ophthalmography has been receiving more and more attention the ocular fundus is the only part of the body where we can observe blood vessels directly, and reflects the condition of blood vessels in internal organs. Therefore, we developed a self-photographing equipment to take ocular fundus photos at home, by developing technology to detect the optic papilla, focus the lens and insert an LED light, all when the device is applied to an eye. Also, since it is equipment for self-operated use by patients, we kept the number of buttons to two buttons, a power source button and start button.
Specific R&D results
When photographing the ocular fundus, it is necessary to insert a large amount of light into the optic papilla at an appropriate angle. On the other hand, since long duration light insertion will place a large burden on the patient, the operations of detecting the optic papilla, focusing the lens, inserting light and taking the photograph should be carried out in an instant. We are working on a combination of both software and mechanical solutions to this series of technological requirements.
Since ophthalmography is performed on the left eye and the right eye, we have designed the equipment so that it can be applied to both eyes by a simple reversal. For an all-clear diagnosis, we are aiming for the equipment to analyze time series variations of ocular fundus photos and deliver warning signals for lifestyle-related diseases.
(Currently, experimental validation of ophthalmography images by ocular existing fundus cameras has been completed.)
Anticipated fields / products etc. to which this technology may be applied in the future
In general, people manage their health at home by monitoring weight, body fat, blood pressure etc. All these methods have been well-recognized by the development of pieces of equipment which enable easy measurement at home. The final image for our R&D is that people can keep an ophthalmography camera for self-photographing of the ocular fundus in the same room at home as they keep the scales for checking their weight. When measuring numerics, if we can monitor all these numerics by one equipment in stead of using several equipment for each item, we can reduce the user's burden and spread a culture to prevent diseases beforehand.

Work toward commercialization

Activities related to intellectual property and publicity We carried out publicity activities by exhibiting a test model at the Industries Creation Fair Ishikawa 2014 exhibition (held in Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken from Thursday, May 15th to Saturday, May 17th).
Future outlook We will improve the precision of the photography by making alterations to the current test model, and design and develop a product sample. Then, we will participate in medical industry fairs the capital, in Europe etc., gather opinions and information from the medical institutions side, and reflect them in improvements to the equipment. Also, we will seek both domestic and overseas business partners to act as be distribution agents. We will conduct monitoring surveys at the local medical facilities and collect opinions, complaints, points for improvement, etc., and reflect these in final commercialization.
Level of achievement based on the original goal, and new challenges At present, we have just finished establishing the basic technology, and we now need to reduce costs for commercialization and carry out repeated improvements to the accuracy.

System of R&D

Organization managing the project Ishikawa Sunrise Industries Creation Organization
Certified business operators Lion Power Co., Ltd.
Institutions conducting the research Lion Power Co., Ltd., I-O Data Device Inc., COM-ONE Ltd., Koshiya Medicalcare Corporation, Kanazawa University, Kanazawa Municipal Hospital, Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa

Promotion comments

An ophthalmography camera packed with high-precision health management technology, to meet the health and life science needs of an aging society. Effective prevention not of only lifestyle diseases, but also stroke and arteriosclerosis!
Moreover, with easy health management at just the push of a button for everyone from children to the elderly, this piece of equipment can drastically reduce the burden of medical costs. Find the problem, before it becomes a disease. This is the latest in medical care!

Corporate information

Company name Lion Power Co., Ltd.
(Corporate Number:6220001012578)
Address 5 Tsu, Tsukizu-machi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa-ken, 923-0972, JAPAN
Phone number +81-761-44-5411
Number of employees 106(male  57,female  49)
Capital 41,560,000 yen
Business category Electric machinery and appliances manufacturing industry
Business content Design and manufacture of various equipment and apparatus for analysis / medical / environmental measurement
Design and manufacture of printed substrates and automating equipment
URL http://www.lionpower.co.jp
Production facilities owned and specifications Clean room (Class 10,000 and 50,000), equipment for printed substrate surface implementation, solder tank (RoHS), thermostatic chamber, 3D-CAD (8 units), 2-ton crane, 3D printer
Production base area Domestic location:5 Tsu, Tsukizu-machi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa-ken 
Overseas production response Not available
Main clients Shimadzu Corporation, Sigmakoki Co., Ltd., Sysmex Corporation, Komatsu Ltd., West Japan Railway Company, Shibuya Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Department handling inquiries for this project Design Division
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