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Basic information


updated on March 24, 2017

Developed reliable locking for micro screws and locking with a cutting chip catching function for tapping screw tightening

Nanbuseisakusho Co., Ltd.

Project name Development of surface processing technology of multifunctional small screws in response to enhanced precision and downsizing of information household appliance parts
Target downstream fields Automobile、Aircraft、Housing / Infrastructure、Industrial equipment、Other(information household appliances)
Response to the needs of downstream companies High function (improved precision / performance)
High durability (improved heat resistance / corrosion resistance / abrasion resistance)
Mass reduction (size / weight reduction)
Optimization (improved productivity / work efficiency)
Environmental considerations (removal and detoxification of impurities / waste reduction / CO2 reduction)
Reliability / safety (realization of highly reliable inspection technologies etc.)
Cost reduction (running cost reduction / loss elimination / labor saving)
Short delivery time (lead time reduction / process simplification)
Specific numerical values relating to the above needs Demand for highly-reliable anti-loosening against micro screws with a diameter of 2 mm or less
Surface processing technology that can reliably catch cutting chips when tightening tapping screws
Project implementation period 2009
Commercialization status Commercialization completed (Already has sales results)
Target materials Materials such as metals and resin that can be tightened by screws

Project details

Project background
For tightening of parts in the field of information household appliances such as mobile phones, information terminals and digital cameras, which are becoming ever smaller and more precise, micro screws with diameters of 2 mm or less are being used more and more. In addition, in the interests of cost reduction, demand for changing to self-tapping screws without a nut is also high.
Problems arising from this include the fact that, since micro screws have small diameters, a stable locking effect with minimal variation is difficult to obtain. Moreover, when tapping screws are tightened, cutting chips remain, and in the worst case, electronic parts may short circuit etc.
Against this background, we reached the conclusion that it was necessary to develop reliable locking technology for micro screws, along with products that add a waste chip catching function to surface treatment processing which serves only as an anti-loosening measure.
Points of R&D
Since micro screws have low heat capacity and cool down immediately even when preheated, deposit of resins has tended to be unstable and tightening torque varies substantially. Therefore, through the optimization of heating devices using high frequencies and the adoption of resins with low melting points, we were able to develop processing technology to fuse resins securely to screws.
The addition of a cutting chip catching function helped us succeed in obtaining both anti-loosening and cutting chip catching at low cost through the development of a new resin based on special acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive to take the place of the conventional, micro capsule type technology. Furthermore, automatic processing equipment has been developed, and this contributed to improving productivity.
Specific R&D results
1) Establishment of anti-loosening processing technology for micro screws of 1-2 mm
Reliable locking technology for 1- to 2-mm micro screws has been established, while retaining advantages these screws have that other resin locking products do not, such as reusability, no expiration date for use, etc.

2) Development of multifunctional surface processing technology for screws, and product marketing
In addition to anti-loosening and a cutting chip catching function, the processing range has been extended to the back of the bearing surface. A multifunctional surface processing treatment technology with sealing and waterproofing functions has been established, and delivery of product samples has started.
Anticipated fields / products etc. to which this technology may be applied in the future
This technology can be applied to various fields where tightening of members using screws is needed, ranging from the field of information household appliances such as mobile phones, information devices, and PCs, where size and cost reductions are required, to the fields of automobiles and machine tools, where motorization and electronic control are increasingly required.
In addition to anti-loosening, this technology responds to various needs related to screw tightening such as cutting chip catching and sealing / waterproofing functions, and contributes to improved reliability through safe and secure tightening of members.

Work toward commercialization

Commercialization status and scale By advancing anti-loosening processing technology for micro screws, processing using the current, high melting point method has become possible, and this in turn extends the range of applications. ALOK-processed screws with a diameter of 2 mm or less account for more than 40% of all such screws, so the R&D results are contributing to further expansion of applications and improved sales for "ALOK", which was first launched on the market 30 years ago.
Multifunctional surface processing technology, known under the product name "tuck N soak", has been adopted not only in existing uses such as LCD televisions and car navigation systems, but also in new fields such as LED lighting devices. In addition, "tuck N ace" with added waterproofing function is being evaluated by users as a simple waterproof screw for uses such as mobile phones and information terminals.
Effects of commercialization Through new product development which goes beyond simple anti-loosening to include cutting chip catching, seal waterproofing, etc., the company is responding to various needs related to screw tightening, which is in turn leading to expansion of sales channels.
Activities related to intellectual property and publicity Patent: Tapping screw with cutting chip catching function and its manufacturing method (No. 4722798)
Exhibits at exhibitions / business conventions (Four in FY 2013)
Future outlook With regard to the anti-loosening processing technology for micro screws, in order to respond to further industry needs, development of supermicro screws smaller than 1 mm is under way.
With regard to the multifunctional surface processing technology for screws, efforts will be made to publicize the cutting chip catching and anti-loosening functions widely in the market and to advance the development of uses. Furthermore, market penetration will be continuously advanced while gathering user evaluations regarding "tuck N ace" with added sealing / waterproofing functions.
Level of achievement based on the original goal, and new challenges Anticipating a continuing trend of size / cost reductions, the establishment of anti-loosening processing technology for micro screws smaller than 1 mm, as well as improvements in the number of processed screws, will be undertaken.
With regard to the multifunctional surface treatment processing of screws, we are working toward further understanding of market needs, product improvement and advancements in performance.
Inquiries from downstream industries More than 20 companies, chiefly household appliance manufacturers, automobile-related users, screw manufacturers, trading companies, and assembly manufacturers, are currently conducting evaluations.

System of R&D

Organization managing the project Nanbuseisakusho Co., Ltd.
Certified business operators Nanbuseisakusho Co., Ltd.
Institutions conducting the research Nanbuseisakusho Co., Ltd.

Promotion comments

Celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2014, our company consists of an ALOK Department, which currently holds the top position in the processing field, and a Machinery Department, which designs and manufactures industrial equipment which can respond to users' needs in a wide range of fields.
A trusted brand for 30 years, "ALOK" can be used repeatedly, has no expiration date for use, and is processed with nylon patch type screw anti-loosening. The "tuck N" series of the dip coating type is a new screw locking processing with multiple functions such as tightening and sealing / waterproofing for electronic parts that are adversely affected by cutting chips.
In addition, we offer solutions to various problems related to tightening through screw surface treatment processing technology using resin.
Using a large catalog of achievements and technological competence accumulated since its foundation, the Machinery Department responds to a range requests from production sites that grow more diverse every day, for example for labor-saving equipment like molding processing machines and inspection/sorting devices for manufacturing / production sites, or general-purpose conveying equipment which uses magnetic force.
We would like to begin actively expanding our business to overseas markets, having made reached comprehensive conclusions regarding potential market growth, cost competitiveness, etc.

Reference websites for the project

Website: http://www.nanbu-s.co.jp/
Looseness test of "ALOK" against vibration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzCoid3D9pc&feature=youtu.be
Waterproof test of "tuck N ace": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKSa7_mTbFY&feature=youtu.be
Space-saving vertical conveyor "Vertical Carrier": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P00GmGTZQuA&feature=youtu.be

Corporate information

Company name Nanbuseisakusho Co., Ltd.
(Corporate Number:4180001060154)
Address 1-53-5 Yutaka Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi, 457-0863, JAPAN
Phone number +81-52-691-2013
Number of employees 44
Capital 10 million yen
Business category Metal products manufacturing industry、general-purpose machinery manufacturing industry
Business content Design and production of surface processing treatment, various industrial equipment related to screws
URL http://www.nanbu-s.co.jp
Production base area Domestic location:Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken; Mizuho-ku
Overseas production response available  Available areas:Responding to local screw manufacturers via trading companies
Main clients Iwata Bolt Co., Ltd, Ohashi Technica, Inc. Techno Associe Co., Ltd., Nissan Screw Co., Ltd., Fuji Seira Co., Ltd.
Department handling inquiries for this project ALOK Department
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