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What is Supporting Industry Matching Navigator Chubu?

Supporting Industry Matching Navigator Chubu is a website that provides introductions to, and gives outlines of, technological features, descriptions of development systems etc. for technology and products that underwent development utilizing the Supporting Industry Program (SIP).

What is "Supporting Industry"?

"Supporting Industry" means core manufacturing technologies of small and medium enterprises that support the Japanese manufacturing industry.
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) supports R&D initiatives which lead to the advancement of supporting industry technologies.
METI aims to strengthen Japanese manufacturing technologies by backing up the supporting industry.

Selected technologies that have passed through a "narrow gate"

In order to receive support from the SIP, a plan for the intended R&D project must be submitted to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, who must then qualify it as meeting wider technological needs (*) in society. Support can only be received as a result of being selected after initial qualification, followed by submission of an application and an examination. This means that R&D projects that get selected in the SIP have all been carefully chosen, and have passed through a very "narrow gate" indeed.

The results of SIP projects, developed on the basis of a "qualified program", represent a treasure trove of technology and products that can be used to promote productivity, improve quality, lower costs and make a whole range of other contributions to improving the corporate competitiveness of downstream companies.
* The technological needs in question have been collected together in the "Guidelines for Advancement" available on this website.

We have set up a search engine to promote the use of these technologies by as many companies as possible.Below we introduce tips and key points on how to use the website.

Tips on using Supporting Industry Matching Navigator Chubu

1. Custom search of supporting industry technologies

You can conduct a high speed search in the same field as your own company, or search by selecting needs,entering keywords ,etc.

2. Complete technological information

Instead of just basic outlines like the ones that you often see on corporate introduction websites, the project introduction pages for each company you get after searching on this site give elaborate details of the project, points of R&D and actual results, using figures and pictures. Also, the actual merits of the technology and the kinds of applications it is suited for are introduced in the section of "Anticipated fields / products etc. to which this technology may be applied in the future".
Furthermore, the system of technology development that was adopted is clearly described, so the information will be of great assistance to any company looking into procurement.

3. Showing suggestions based on your browsing history

A collection of recommended pages relating to similar fields to those you have browsed before is shown at the bottom of the page. Recently viewed pages are also shown, making the website even more user-friendly.

Search for technologies

4. Descriptions of model matching case studies

The pages that introduce model matching case studies of companies that have successfully commercialized their project results include column sections with key points on how the project got started, development difficulties, the road to final commercialization, and how to make a success out of an SIP project.
This is useful information not only for companies looking for new technologies, but also for companies that are either considering using supporting industry technology or are currently doing so. There are also videos you can watch.

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