Preserving Japan's Monodzukuri for future generations

The Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI Chubu) supports Japan's hard-working manufacturing companies.
The core manufacturing technology of SMEs is the very foundation of Japan's Monodzukuri.
Through the Supporting Industry Program, METI Chubu supports research and development connected with advances in manufacturing technologies for SMEs.
Supporting Industry Matching Navigator Chubu is a matching site that offers user enterprises easy access to technologies that match their needs, from the range of technologies and products that have been developed through the Supporting Industry Program to date.
Here, useful technologies for all the enterprises that leads to functional improvement, weight / size reduction, and cost reduction have been gathered in one place. Please use this site for product development, procurement etc.

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Supporting Industry Matching Navigator Chubu has opened


What is Supporting Industry Matching Navigator Chubu?

Listed supporting industry projects

(as of 01,19,2017)

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* Other projects will be updated as their entries are translated.

Featured Supporting Industry Technology

Tsuyakin Kagakuseni Co., Ltd.
Development of a technology of integral splitting/ dyeing processing that realizes high-function and high-sensitivity microfiber products while saving energy

Matching cases

Nanbuseisakusho Co., Ltd.
Development of surface processing technology of multifunctional small screws in response to enhanced precision and downsizing of information household appliance parts.

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