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Our Missions

1. Efforts to strengthen the industrial competitiveness of the Chubu region

1-1. Strengthening the competitiveness of manufacturing-related industries

The Chubu region is a dense cluster of world-leading manufacturing industries centered on car-related industries, and the companies comprising these industrial clusters in the Chubu region play a major role as a driving force in the Japanese economy. To further strengthen the industrial competitiveness of the Chubu region, we collaborate with the industrial, academic and public sectors in further enhancing existing industries and developing diverse next-generation industries, based on advanced manufacturing infrastructure.

Strengthening the world’s leading car-related industrial base

The car industry, which supports the Japanese economy and employment, is undergoing a major transformation period, comprising the following changes: 1) development in the fields of CASE (Connected cars, Autonomous/Automated driving, Shared, and Electric) and MaaS (Mobility As a Service); and 2) the arising need to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the life cycle.

o overcome this transformation period, small- and medium-sized suppliers in the Chubu region are required to improve their earning power in existing business areas and take on challenges to open up future business areas.

We implement the following measures to support local companies.
  • • Providing information on CASE, MaaS, and the latest technological development trends
  • • Providing help with formulating strategies and thereby aiming to help improve planning proposal skills
  • • Providing help with capital investment and technological development
  • • Closely helping local companies in collaboration with local support organizations

Through these efforts, we aim to accelerate the transformation of the Chubu region’s mid-sized suppliers, form a world-leading car-related industrial base, and strengthen the region’s competitiveness.

Technological trend seminar
Technology Trend Seminar
E-Palette Concept, an EV for mobility service
e-Palette Concept, an EV dedicated to mobility services (Photo courtesy: Toyota Motor Corporation)

Forming Asia's largest cluster in the aircraft industry

The Chubu region, which is Japan’s premier aerospace industry cluster, aims to become Asia’s largest cluster, which will be able to compete with developed Western countries and be unrivaled by emerging Asian countries, and it aims to do so by offering help for the following purposes in the aerospace industry, which is expected to continue expanding as a market: 1) forming an efficient supply chain, 2) developing core companies, 3) expanding international businesses, and 4) securing and training human resources.

Singapore Airshow 2020
Engine Forum Kobe 2020
Mitsubishi SpaceJet (Photo credit: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation)
Main wings of Boeing 787 (Photo courtesy: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)

Strengthening the competitiveness of the healthcare industry

Facing a declining birthrate and an aging population and entering the era of a 100-year lifespan ahead of other countries around the world, in addition to developing innovative medical devices, Japan needs to come up with preventive and health promotion services that will allow itself to extend its healthy life expectancy and build a lifelong active community. The Healthcare Industries Office helps implement measures aimed at the following: 1) developing medical, long-term care, and welfare equipment that maximize the strengths of the Chubu region, which is a major area of concentration of the manufacturing industry; and 2) creating new health-management and disease-prevention products and services that will meet diverse needs.

Puru (Jiggly) CURE Ice Pack, a soft and stretchable form-fitting cold compress (Photo credit: Mie Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.)
La Clip, a stand-up aid that enables the performance of daily life activities without assistance (Photo courtesy: Tokai Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
3-CAFE, a home-cum-cafe for dementia patients and people seeking dementia consultation (Photo credit: Ohisama [LLC])
And Mask, a functional and fashionable next-generation mask made by a long-established mask company (Photo courtesy: Shirohato Co., Ltd.)

1-2. Forming an innovation ecosystem

The Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry puts efforts into helping start new businesses and industries in order to form an innovative ecosystem that could lead to the development of a diverse industrial structure, and it does so by helping entrepreneurs launch and develop new business ventures and startups and making industry-academia-government collaborative efforts to improve the environment. In addition, we aim to help local industries achieve high productivity and high added value by promoting digitalization in the region.

Promoting DX aimed at transforming companies with digital technology

The Next Generation Industry Division promotes DX (digital transformation), which enables the creation of new value with innovative technologies, including IoT (Internet of Things), big data, AI (artificial intelligence), and robots.The Next Generation Industry Division cultivates IT-manufacturer bridge personnel able to bridge the gap between problem-solving and value creation skills and IT skills, and also provides companies with help in instituting cyber security measures, the importance of which is increasing due to digitization.

TOP STREAM Open Innovation Seminar (at Nagoya Innovator’s Garage)
Gifu Prefecture Robot SI Center (Photo courtesy: VR Techno Center Inc.)

Support for venture startups

The New Business Support Office collaborates with local stakeholders, the foremost of which is the Central Japan Startup Ecosystem Consortium (Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, and Hamamatsu City), in helping entrepreneurs start and develop startups. In addition, it helps local companies develop new businesses and collaborate with startups.

FY 2020 new business development seminar (held online)

Local startup support event

Accelerating industry-academia-government collaboration and strengthening collaborative partnerships

The Industrial Technology Division helps universities and public testing/research laboratories introduce advanced equipment, promotes the development of a system for helping companies, collaborates with universities and public testing/research laboratories in operating the Small- and Medium-sized Company Technology Support Network, promotes exchange between industry-academia-government collaborative organizations, and helps such organizations cultivate personnel. In addition, to accelerate industry-academia-government collaboration and strengthen collaborative partnerships, the Industrial Technology Division collaborates with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in helping promote the efforts of industry-academia collaboration leader model bases and regional open innovation bases.

Example of helping a university introduce equipment (in-vehicle Ethernet evaluation equipment [equipment available to people off campus]) (Photo courtesy: Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Industry-academia-government-financial collaboration matching event “Matching HUB Kanazawa 2020” (Photo courtesy: Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

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