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Enterprise Database Working on Environmental Business in Chubu Central Region of Japan
The "Enterprise Database Working on Environmental Business in Chubu Central Region of Japan", a profiles of environmentally sound technology, equipment, products and services that enterprises in the region hold and provide, was produced with the aim of supporting and enhancing business in environmental field both nation- and world-wide. It is expected to be a useful tool to facilitate business matching by informing and disseminating the "strength" in the products and services.

This database provides information of 115 enterprises what was summarized based on the questionnaire survey called "Survey on environmental business for domestic and overseas expansion" operated in October 2012. The survey covered about 2,400 enterprises working on environmental business in Chubu region, where Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Toyama and Ishikawa Prefecture are located.

  Package 115 records(PDF:4.16MB)
  Air pollution control 12 records(PDF:332KB)
  Sewage and wastewater treatment 19 records(PDF:586KB)
  Soil and water purification 7 records(PDF:174KB)
Noise and vibration prevention 1 record(PDF:39KB)
  Environmental measurement, analysis, monitoring, and assessment 10 records(PDF:445KB)
  Other environmental pollution control 2 records(PDF:70KB)
  Recycling and waste treatment 40 records(PDF:1.18MB)
  Biomass 3 records(PDF:114KB)
  Water resource use 3 records(PDF:84KB)
  Environmental education, environmental management consulting, etc.3 records(PDF:72KB)
  Eco-products 2 records(PDF:101KB)
  Others 13 records(PDF:1.14MB)

Environmentally superior technology and products in Chubu Central Region of Japan
In order to introduce the strength of "Environmental business" in Chubu Central region, we have issued an 'Environmentally superior technology and products in Chubu Central region of Japan'. We would appreciate if you use this brochure in seeking opportunities, such as sharing of environmental solutions with these companies and securing of business-to-business interactions, for re-energizing your business.

Air Pollution Control
Electrostatic Separation Refrigerant Recovery & Reclaim Machine "ECO Cycle Aurora", ASADA CORPORATION(PDF:748KB)
Sewage and Wastewater Treatment
  Carrier Type Organic Wasterwater  Treatment System,ACT Co.,Ltd. (PDF:807KB)
  High Density Gas Dissolution Equipment,"OXYGEN FIGHTER",DAIEI FACTORY Co.,LTD(PDF:883KB)
  Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (Jokaso System),FUJI CLEAN CO.,LTD(PDF:802KB)
  Compact Wastewater Treatment Equipment "KIYOMIZU",HOUSHOU-EG CO.,LTD(PDF:707KB)
  Bio Wastewater Treatment Equipment "BIOALSI”, Japan ALSi Co.,Ltd.(PDF:1.03MB)
Slurry Pump for Indstrial Wastewater, MITSUWA PUMP CO.,LTD.(PDF:650KB)
  Proposal for wastewater treatment and water quality improvement by the use of ultra fine bubble,NIR-AI INSTITUTE(PDF:834KB)
  "Water Dissociater" using Amagi Pumice, SAWAMOTO Corporation(PDF:591KB)
Soil and Water Purification
  High Efficiency Fluoride Treatment "F-crest", CHIYODA UTE CO.,LTD.(PDF:871KB)
  "EDC"for Bioremediation of Soil & Groundwater Contaminated with Chlorinated Solvents,EcoCycle Corporation(PDF:1.08MB)
  Cleanup of Oil Contaminated Sites with Microorganisms,"BIO-ADVANTAGE Process "GATE CO.,LTD.(PDF:865KB)
  Cord-contact Filtration Material "Molecord", TBR CO.,LTD.(PDF:780KB)
Environmental measurement,analysis,monitoring,and assessment
  MH-5000 ultra compact elemental analyzer, Micro Emission Ltd. (PDF: 662KB)
Recycling and Waste Treatment
  Sludge-reducing neutral solidifier "EARTH-Nature",AQUA DESIGN CO.,LTD  (PDF:746KB)
  Production of Steelmaking Subsidiary Material by Making Efficient Use of Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR), ARBIZ Corporation(PDF:753KB)
  Fermentation Equipment for Composting Animal Waste and Raw Garbage,Chube Ecotech Co.,Ltd. (PDF:723KB)
  Treatment & Recycling of Industrial Waste, Daiseki Co.,Ltd.(PDF:635KB)
  Fluorocarbon Resin Lining Tank, Goh Iron Works Co.,Ltd.(PDF:678KB)
  Acid Separation and Recovery of Mixed Acid Waste and Application to Metal Extraction,SANWAYUKA INDUSTRY CORPORATION(PDF:855KB)
  Plastic-to-Oil Machine, SHINKO TECNOS.CO.,LTD.(PDF:682KB)
  Development/Commercialization of flame-retardant colored staple fiber made from waste PET bottles, TAKAGI CHEMICALS, INC.(PDF:829KB)
    Nutrient "CARE SHELL" for Shellfish Aquaculture Based on Waste Oyster Shell, TOKAI TECHNO Co.,Ltd. (PDF:875KB)
  Biomass gas power-genaration system using the organic fermentation waste,Central Earth Environment Network Co.,Ltd.(PDF:721KB)
  Superheating Steam System for bio mass fuel  production,Jissenn Kankyo Kenkyusyo Co.,Ltd.  (PDF:638KB)
  Integrated Biomass Utilization System, Pentagen, ECO ,and SUMIZO ,Maywa Co.,Ltd. (PDF:1.14MB)
Water Resource Use
  Underground rainwater cistern, "HONEYCOMB BOX", MATSUOKA CONCRETE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.(PDF:955KB)

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