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Enhance Global Competitiveness

 With the aim of developing regional industries, we support initiatives to build up their “attracting power“, “power for earning overseas" and " exporting power." In doing so, we strive to acquire a greater global market share and attract foreign direct investment or foreign visitors, thereby stimulating new industrial and technological innovations and the creation of employment.
Promoting globalization of the Chubu region
 With a view to establishing the Chubu region as a global business center, a wide range of entities—government organizations, municipalities, and financial institutions and business support organizations such as chambers of commerce and industry in the region—have come together to establish the Chubu Consortium for a New Export Nation, offering comprehensive support to SMEs endeavoring to expand their operations outside Japan. We also work in synergy with activities of the Greater Nagoya Initiative (GNI) in the Tokai region and the Hokuriku region's economic exchange programs with Japan Sea Rim countries.
Greater Nagoya Japan-France Business Forum 2017
Greater Nagoya
Japan-France Business Forum 2017
Exhibiting at a trade fair in Switzerland
Exhibiting at a trade fair
in Switzerland
The Greater Nagoya Initiative brands the economic area within an approximately 100 km radius of Nagoya as “Greater Nagoya” and communicates this brand overseas, creating new business opportunities through two-way activities that encourage both investment in Japan and growth overseas.