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Enhance Global Competitiveness

To help develop regional industries, we aim to promote new industrial and technological innovations and create jobs by opening up the global market through the Consortium for New Export Nation, promoting foreign direct investment, and attracting visitors.
Globalization efforts in the Chubu region
 The Chubu Consortium for New Export Nation has been organized by many companies and support agencies such as government-affiliated organizations, local governments, financial institutions, chambers of commerce and industry in the region,etc., to promote globalization of the Chubu region. The consortium offers comprehensive support to SMEs which endeavor to expand their operations outside Japan. Collaborative efforts are underway with the Greater Nagoya Initiative (GNI) in the Tokai region and through economic exchange programs with the Sea of Japan Rim countries in the Hokuriku region.
Business matching in Switzerland
Business matching in Switzerland
Visit to a company in the Philippines
Visit to a company in the Philippines
* The Greater Nagoya Initiative aims to publicize an economic bloc around Nagoya City with a radius of about 100 km as the “Greater Nagoya” brand outside Japan. It creates new business opportunities through interactive programs to promote investment in Japan and help companies in Japan expand their operations outside Japan.